Vital Statistics

Name: Steven W. Calvert
Aliases and Alter-Egos:
solo audio: steppin locust
mixed audio: mp3j ctev
nom de guerre: stavrogin kirilov
nom d'internet: steppin locus st.laverca
common name: Steve

First Contact with IM: Autumn 1998
Formally Assimilated by IM: Jan 2001

Inter.Mission Sound:
Play : turntables, tape machines, samplers, effects units, microphones, voices, strings, beats and modular tones.
Also in-house IM jam clerk: file collector, cut editor, quality filter, archive assembleur, plus collected musics, mixed discs and dj sets.

Lumenae: slide and video abstractions, theatrical lights and festival lanterns, projection visuals for dance parties and social events.

Static Eye: ink drawing, photo, assemblage.
Electric Eye: digital video camera op, editing, animations, experiments

Public life: butterfly socialite, attentive and affectionate host/guest, insatiable dancing machine, flattering conversationalist, freak.

Professional Acts: academic and creative process tutor; text editor; audio-visual equipment and lighting on-site/shop technician1; domestic painter, website assembler. Please call with offers of employ.

Creative Praxis: Generative Aesthetics:

Academic Qualifications:

B.F.A. InterMedia from Emily Carr College of Art and Design, grad 2001. Focus on critical theory, experimental video and photography, internet, sound art, ink drawing, book arts, assemblage, and collaborative practice.

B.A. UBC, grad 1998. maj. Art History, min. Religious Studies. Focus on non-western esoteric philosophy, mystic poets, sculpture, architecture, and ink painting. Perpendicular intersecting focus on radical avant-garde social and cultural movements of 20th century Europe, Canada, US.

marital status: single
diurnal cycle: nocturnal
professional status: marginally employed AVtech and academic tutor
student loan debt: $23,000 CDN.

Additional Information
generative aesthetics