Brady's fluid attributes extend far beyond her liquid exoskeleton and her nurturing attitude towards compost worms. Her independent/collaboratively engineered environmental interlacing is evident in much of her webbing and audio secretions.

She works away furiously in her cloud laboratory to thicken the green soup of virtual reality just enough to remind us of what we are really tasting, being careful of course to ensure that we don't choke on the big bytes, or get hung up on the crackers.

Brady has lived in Vancouver for a number of years, and is a founding member of the octa-grouping known as intermission. She is a rare example of someone who is able to embrace metamorphosis, and is already embarking on the next evolutionary step of transcending binary.

Upcomming Projects
Heaven's Beath, wind driven film with Chris Welsby and Henry Daniels, featuring Shiva's dance performed by Scheherazade

Vancouver Events
– Hand Picked Special Events Calendar <subscribe>
– Regular Events Calendar <subscribe>

Recent Projects
– new Blog for Projects! [blogger]
– April07 - Sound Design softn at Dutch Electronic Festival (deaf07) ! [Soft(n) @ DEAF07] [FlkrImages!]
Tree Studies Soundscape Composition and Programming [BlogDoc] [Gwangju Biennale]
Doppler Corridor iPod <Video> Peoples Choice Award!
Trees In Winter Soundscape Composition and Programming [Images Festival Toronto] <Video Sample>
SOVS-2: Found <video>
SOVS-1: Lost <video>
GrowOpTable <image> pdf

Recent Papers
Design Guidelines for Sound Design - Thesis Extract
art practice and the will to technology (draft)
assemblages for sound work
the value of acoustic communication in the computer mediated environment

Recent Sounds
– Atmospheric Layers #2 Remix by Souns with Phowa <mp3>
– Atmospheric Layers #2 <mp3>
– a discussion on acousmatics and sound samples <CFRO Broadcast/mp3 (April 2006)>

Additional Information
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Tools & Code
– WeatherRepeater - reads the weather data from a davis instruments weather station at near real time (1.5 sec delay) and forwards to udp/max/pd/console, download: mac os x/linux/ README.txt
– PatchBuddy - the max/msp patch deep search tool, download for: mac os x java platform
– Netsender C Code - a snipit of code to speak from C to Max/Msp and PD: src