Jan 2005
The reincanation of a the collaborative drawing open-invitational happening.
Article about the event
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July 2004

Recent photophraphic work by intermission members, full documentation: Event Virtual Gallery
catagory:: media, event, installation


06 July 2003
A collaborative drawing open-invitational happening. The afternoon art salon will be followed by a casual evening shmooze.

Followed by a party and exhibition at the Helen Pitt Gallery on Aug 15, 2003
catagory:: event, media


Owl In Daylight
Aug 2001
A videoscape for Philip K. Dick
completed during the [48 hour Movie Making Festival] this 10 min film was conceived, shot and edited in 48 hours. extending the spirit of the festival each of the 10 team members directed a minute of the film and an original sound track was composed and produced during the given period. providing a backdrop to the work of Philip K. Dick, this layered piece will be included in the upcoming Bughouse Project, commemorating the 20th anniversary of Philip K's death.
See <Owl In Daylight - high speed> or hear the sound track <These Owls - smooth and movie mix>
catagory:: video, sound


June 2001
A film by Derek Brunen. Detective eddy schiller sleep-walks the high-wire between reality and the real. 23 min digital video. <small>, <med> or <large> quicktime trailer.
catagory:: film/video


GeekRave 3.0
Feb 2001
I.M. on the visual beat @ Commodore Ballroom.
catagory:: visuals


Aug 2000
A film by Khan Lee. A rigorous examination of a stationery fetishism. 28min digital video.
catagory:: film/video, sound


GeekRave 2.0
Oct 2000
Avisual banquet; shiny, luminous, wafers -- hyper-reality in a 80' high glass box @ Plaza of Nations, Enterprise Hall
catagory:: visuals


GeekRave 1.0
July 2000
300 square foot of supersonic visuals, programming and live video feed @ Mavericks.
catagory:: visuals


A Cambie Bridge
Apr 1999
A man passes the boundaries of his existence in the recognition of his materialization. b/w 7min 8mm film
catagory:: film/video


Cutting and Dying
Apr 1999
a reflexive documentation of the unconscious forces, employing a range of cinematic devices. 8mm color film
catagory:: film/video


50 Feet
May 1999
A rigorous quantification of film media. 50 feet b/w film
catagory:: film/video