Mercury Theatre III: THE SUB-STATION
9 Sept 2005
The Sub-Station featuring a fourteen piece electronic improvised orchestra, four live art performances, and over 25 video submissions from across Canada mixed live for your viewing pleasure in Cathedral Park.
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26 Feb 2005

Intermission meets Instant Coffee @ 69 Pender

There's a new collective in town Instant Coffee [homepage]. They have a Bass Bed and it's been around (if you know what I'm sayin'). Intermission has a Bass Bed too.It hasn't been anywhere. It is 100% pure bed, pure intermission.
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July 2004

Recent photophraphic work by intermission members, full documentation: Event Virtual Gallery
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InFest Dance Party: music and visuals
Feb 2004
Intermission plays in full musical form for the International Artist Run Culture's dance party. The performance was well received: "That was great! I was mesmerized" - daegan
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Jan 2005
The reincanation of a the collaborative drawing open-invitational happening.
Article about the event
Drawing gallery website
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RAW Potential
11-14 Dec 2003
The design show that made Vancouver cool for designers. Organized by BARK. Designs featuring Mark Brady's Grow Op, Khan Lee's Hololuma, Derek Brunen's It Wouldn't Be Easy and Natalie Purschwitz's One Piece. Flyer


No Applogies Necessary
9-24 Oct 2003
Prince Takamodo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan. Featuring Mark Brady's Grow Op, Khan Lee's Hololuma, Derek Brunen's It Wouldn't Be Easy and Natalie Purschwitz's One Piece. BARK presents Canadian Design works to an internatation audience at the Tokyo Designers Block.


06 July 2003
A collaborative drawing open-invitational happening. The afternoon art salon will be followed by a casual evening shmooze.

Followed by a party and exhibition at the Helen Pitt Gallery on Aug 15, 2003
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How to Endure Intensity
6 March 2003
Intermission were invited to present a lecture/performance at ECIAD detailing their past projects, as part of the "Art and Technology" noon hour lecture series
12:15 @ ECIAD
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9-13 Oct 2002
Intermissionaries Derek Brunen and Natalie Purschwitz presented humoursly ambigous designs in Tokyo, Japan. Press Release, Derek's Statement, Natalie's Statement
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3 Aug 2002
Three performances of a range of experimental music improvised evening of extra-ordinary sonic pleasure. Featuring Diagon, inter.mission and krups, paganinny & ryan corvus. Special visual perfromance by Julie Gee.
9pm @ IMHQ-1009 e.cordova st.
catagory:: sound, event


Easy Rollers
1-15 June 2002
An exhibition of pedal art & chopper bikes. Khan (inter.mission/pedal works [homepage]) brings us the synthesis of work and play -- a range of irresistible pedal powered devices from choppers to blenders, once again inter.mission throws the better party @ Glass Onion Gallery.
catagory: installation, event


Fresh Cut
6 June 2002
a spring/summer men's wear show
Natalie Purschwitz (inter.mission) debuts her bracing collection,'Dirty Looks' for Danielle Marleau's (House of Envy [homepage]) sharp evening of men's fashion. Mark Brady and Derek Brunen (inter.mission) support with modeling and video documentation respectively @ Roundhouse. <flyer>
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Vancouver Bughouse
2 Mar 2002
Intermission hosted a Philip K Dick inspired day of surreal performances. The event was connected via live webcast with the London U.K. Bughouse event. 20 years after the sci-fi writers' death, he was conjured up in a simulcast feedback loop in cyberspace.
Trans-Atlantic sound jam - milkmaid service - Ubiquitea - Cyborg testing - body modifications - dream deprivation/sleep enhancement - Perky Pats - Squeeky Bun Simulacrum - Dr.Smile psycholocical evaluations
catagory:: improv, video, sound


inter.mission Presents
8 Dec 2001
a fun(d) raising holiday evening
thank you for all for attending our fun(d) raising holiday evening. the romping performers were djCdev, Ed Luciano, Scotty Tuesday & The Rest of the Week, FreeFlow [homepage] and Jacob Cino [Third Eye Tribe homepage].

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Nov/Dec 2001
I.M Culture Crawl putting the K back into Kulture we opened up our doors for the the 7th Annual [Vancouver East Side Culture Crawl]. the missionaries served the Kraft gallery style.
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28 July 2001
A fashion show by Natalie Purschwitz
an evening of fashion showcased a collection of original pieces by seven emerging artists and designers. the evening featured works from Tan Line by Natalie Purschwitz, Banquet by Sarah Edmonds, Dust by Heather Young and Exercises in Jersey by Corin Sworn. also seen were pieces by Trina Linde, Jen Gilpin (re-gen) and Janet Glover.
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<sample 4>

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June 2000
Simple, gentle, boxed, original, inter.mission and friends driving a hot, new beating @ Western Front, Performance Hall. (project details)
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Still Toes
Oct 1999
Hosted and performed at an evening of experimental sound @ 800 block East Hastings <flyer>
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