mark c. brady

Date of Birth: 15 February 1973
Address: #304 1067 Granville Str., Vancouver, V6Z 1L4, Canada

Residency: Canadian Permanent Resident

Voice: +1.604.727.1325
Email: mbrady at inter hyphen mission dot org


  • Experienced academic teacher, interdisciplinary collaborator and mentor.
  • Practiced digital audio and visual media artist.
  • Experienced web, user-interface and mobile computing device designer.
  • Expert multi-platform software designer and developer.
  • Broad and deep knowledge of computer inter-networking, wireless networking and distributed computing environments.

employment experience

2004- Sessional Instructor, Simon Fraser University

Sound Interaction (Fall2004,2005): Lecture topics include Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Themes and production techniques inn Cinema Sound, Sound Art and Recombinant Composition. 2nd year undergraduate students develop Aural Literacy, produce Linear Sound Designs and Interactive Compositions with Image.
Integration Project (2004/5): Mentor and facilitator in development final year small group art and design projects.
Systems of Media Representation (2004): Lecture topics, Overviews of Art Making Perspectives, 20th Century Art History, Colour Theory, Semiotics, Gestalt Principles, and Media Studies. 1st year undergraduate students develop media art literacy, display learning outcomes in a web journal and produce video or web-based self-reflective work.

2003-4 Research Assistant, Simon Fraser University

Ec(h)o: Assistant in the research and participatory design of a gesture-based audio augmentation system for museum spaces led by Ron Wakkary, Kenneth Newby and Marek Hatala (SFU, School of Interactive Arts and Technology). Development of a multi-channel wireless audio delivery system for interactive narrative and dynamic soundscape composition.
Computational Poetics: Assistant in the research and development of tools and groundwork for a 3 year funded project led by Martin Gotfrit (SFU, Contemporary Arts) and Kenneth Newby (SFU, School of Interactive Arts and Technology).

2002-3 Teaching Assistant, Simon Fraser University

IAT101,2,3 (Spring 2003): Assisted in teaching 1st year Interactive Arts course New Media Images. Introduced the use of web radio broadcast as forum for demonstration of student's audio work. Provided students with server side support for web-based assignments. Provided feedback in on-line student discussion forums. Graded assignments.
ITEC407,8,9 (Fall 2002) Assisted in teaching 4th year course Geometric Modeling. Formulated and graded assignments. Mentored 3D graphics Java programming assignments. Integrated open source 3D graphics development tools.

2002- Independent Software Consultant

High Level Product Design: Participatory Design Workshops, Scenario and Usecase Capture, Product Requirement Specification, Product Deployment and Development Strategy.
Clients Include:, Sierra Wireless and WC Consulting.

1997-2002 Senior Software Engineer, Infowave Software Inc.

Designed and developed a wireless network protocol stack forming the foundation of Infowave's "Wireless Business Engine" architecture. Ported this double proxy architecture to a number of hand-held platforms. Shipped four Infowave product suites. Awarded Senior Software Engineer designation. Mentored junior engineers extensively. Responsible for hiring of new engineers. Attended OOPSLA (Object-Oriented Programming, Systems, Languages and Applications) and Microsoft Professional Developers conferences.

1996-98 Software Designer, The Media Communications

Designed and developed multimedia systems for a Vancouver based new media production studio serving a majority of US customers. Re-engineered product user interfaces. Created in-house image manipulation tools. Performed project management and client consultation.

1993-94 Teaching Assistant, University of Cape Town

Conducted classes to assist first and 2nd year students in their programming tutorials. Evaluated assignments. Attended workshops on teaching techniques. Coached 3rd year students before embarking on programming competition.

educational grounding

2002-5 M.Sc. School of Interactive Arts & Technology, Simon Fraser University

Graduate Association President (Summer 2003)
Graduate Fellowship (Fall 2004)
Member of Technology Subcommittee (Fall/Spring 2002/3)

Researching the sonification of virtual processes via the construction of augmented reality soundscapes. Researched sound design criteria for computer-mediated environments. Completed course in: Non-linear Narrative, Multi-media Programming, Sound Art Studies and Acoustic Communication.

1994 B.Sc(Hons) Computer Science (1st Class), University of Cape Town

Computer Science Merit List
Class Representative

Designed and developed a cross-platform graphical modeling tool for the correctness and performance analysis of concurrent and distributed processes. Course work: human-computer interaction, computer graphics, advanced networks, distributed and parallel systems, concurrent systems modeling, programming language translation, computer architecture, parallel programming and client-server techniques, persistent programming languages and professional communication.

1991-3 B.Sc Computer Science, University of Cape Town

Distinction in Computer Science
Faulty of Science Merit List (1991)
Department of Computer Science Merit List (1992-93)
Class Representative (1992-93)

Senior courses in computer science, mathematics, digital interfaces and microbiology.
First courses in biology, biochemistry, chemistry and physics.


cultural engagement

1999- Founding Member, Intermission Artists Society

Presented work in London, Tokyo and Vancouver Art Gallery.

Co-founded Intermission Artists Society, an intimately formed collective focused in the directions of film/video, sound, installation and event-based work. Collaborated with local and international artists on 24 completed works, for details see

1999- Member Producer, CFRO CO-OP Radio


Produce monthly Soundscape show. Train and test studio operators. Wash dishes.

technology familiarity

  • Expert:
    Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Multi-threaded C++, C, COM, DCOM
    TCP/IP, Socket Programming, HTTP, Wireless Data Networking (GSM, CDMA, CDPD, GPRS)
    Client/Server Architectures, Linux & Win32 Programming, Network Protocol Design
    Digital Audio Production, Max/MSP Programming, Cubase etc.
  • Knowledgeable:
    Web Technologies, HTML, CCS, Java, JavaScript, PHP, SQL
    Software Patterns, XML, UML, OpenGL
    P2P Architectures, WinCE & Mac OS Programming
    Digital Video Production, Jitter, Final Cut Pro HD, Premiere, Web streaming
  • Proficient:
    Action Script (Flash), SOAP, LISP
    Illustrator and Photoshop, LaTex
    Unix Systems Administration